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Nutrition and Mineral Supplement

Nutritional Supplements Work Best when Used Properly. You should treat your intake of vitamins and minerals with the same caution as you would your prescription medications.

Book an appointment with our consultant pharmacist, who will assess your nutritional needs, which is based on many factors. Our pharmacist will make recommendations for your supplements needs and on ways to improve your diet if necessary.

Then, using nutraceutical high-quality ingredients, we compounds a selection of vitamins and minerals , amino acids, antioxidants or herbs in just the right dosage and format for your needs. Therefore, you may only need to take one capsule in the morning and one at night. Avoiding the unnecessary fillers, colours and binders that are used in commercial product.

Our experienced compounding pharmacist can assess your nutritional needs based on many factors and tailor out a solution right for you.

We need to ensure that you;

  • Taking only necessary supplements
  • Taking the proper amount of each supplement
  • Aware of possible reactions between supplements
  • Aware of reactions between supplements and prescription meds

Using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients, we can customise and compound a selection of vitamins, minerals, herbs, anti-oxidants and amino acids in just the right dosage and format, leaving out the fillers, preservatives and colours you don’t need.

Our pharmacist has the knowledge and experience to assist if you;

  • Have poor absorption & gut issues
  • You need to boost your immune system
  • Suffer from chronic fatigue
  • Have family members with autism or ADHA
  • Have had or going through chemotherapy
  • Have fatty liver
  • Suffer from fibromyalgia, Pyrrole Disorder and MTHFR / Methylation Defects