Dear Susan

Thank you for taking me on your wellness journey. I have lost more weight since I started. My gut is saying thank you, it was always sore and bloated, skin was not good, my mood's were up & down. Got very tired around 3pm, no energy. Now all is fantastic. A big thank you also to Rhonda the nurse, for her recommendation of Susan, you were so spot on. She is good.

Susan works with your needs, from reading of your blood tests, medications, diet. She personally makes up all the things you need to take. So if anyone has a problem, speak to Susan. She can help you. But you need to work with her 100%.

Susan, a big thank you from me

Kay From Bowen

My treatment has enabled me to restore energy & enthusiasm. Painful muscles & joints are subsiding and I am appearing healthier & more relaxed after a matter of weeks. I advocate these treatments for all middle aged women.

Thank you


My Vet had prescribed some capsules for fungal infection for my cat. The medication was so grose that my cat would spit it out every time. My Vet then gave me a script to take to Susan, and she compounded the medication into a liquid and with a flavour that my cat liked and took the medication without a fuss. I even had to stop my dog from licking the syringe that I was using.

Thank you Susan for helping my cat


After suffering from an itchy, dry, scaly scalp for too many years, I hear about Susan on the radio. I had nothing to lose, after trying several prescribed treatments …......... , nothing worked. Susan has changed my life. On the first meeting her compassion for my discomfort was comforting. First problem psoriasis: Susan gives me cream to apply, first time in many many years, I have had relief. Less scratching, less scaling.

I didn't know the stomach feelings I had were not normal. Susan prescribe some formula's,advise on change of eating habits. OMG what a difference, I feel .My belly is happy not more bloating.

Third problem, redness of the face, getting married in six weeks. Face cream oh, what a difference. Now, my hair, face & my health are all glowing. I didn't know what feeling healthy & happy was till now.

Thank you Susan


My husband and I have been trying for a family for the past five years. About the same time as we got serious about starting a family, I also got serious about learning how to maintain a healthy diet. Nearly a year ago, I was referred to Susan by my councillor and am so glad I made the appointment.

Even though I have been healthy for these years, I had not been able to monitor the results. Susan has coached me with further nutritional ideas and supplements and analysed the improvements through blood work.

I am 39 years of age and am 7 months pregnant and so far I have enjoyed a healthy pregnancy. Since seeing Susan, I have recommended friends and family to her and they have also been very happy with the results. I now incorporate Susan as part of my health regime and will continue to do so long as she practices.


Dear Susan

When I first came to you in January 2016 I wanted help to lose weight and to help clear my skin. I didn't at first understand why I was taking all these tablets for gut support and liver cleanse. I took everything that you recommended knowing that I needed to change some bad habits. In all my appointments with you, your support in getting me through my detox over the next few months was wonderful.

After the first couple of weeks I notice changes in my body. The bloating was less and less and the texture of my skin had improved. You just kept telling me that when my body was ready we will then concentrate on the weight loss.

Then the words I longed to hear.....I was ready to start the HCG program.

Thank you Susan for taking me on this journey of well-being. I lost 8 kg in 6 weeks. Not only did I lose the weight but I think about food differently now. I have so much more energy and in general my health has improved. I could not have done this with out you. I am now feeling so much better and looking forward to maintaining my health with your help. Thanks again


I am 50 years of age and I visited Susan in late July, as I was suffering from symptoms of Barmah Forest Virus. (symptoms: fatigue, joint pain and my menstrual cycle had stopped and I was experiencing sleats.

I began a program recommended by Susan and within about two weeks I began to feel a lot better. Five weeks later my fatigue/energy levels are back to normal my joint pain is almost entirely gone. I've had a menstrual cycle (unfortunately) and my sweating has stopped.

I have received numerous unsolicited comments from my family, friends and work colleagues who have noticed how much better I look. Puffiness around my eyes have improved ( which I had not noticed) and my overall appearance of better health. I have also lost 2kgs which is an unexpected bonus.

Thank you so so much
Kind regards,

Tracey P.S a work colleague has now also visited and commenced a program after seeing my improvements.
Neesa Derma Repair before

Before using Neesà derma repair

Neesa Derma Repair after

After using Neesa Derma Repair

I am sending this email with attached photos to show you the results of using the Neesa Dermal Repair cream during my recent 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy treatment following parotidectomy surgery to my left face/neck.

I applied the Dermal Repair cream to my face/neck and surgery scar twice daily from the moment my skin started to react to the treatment - week 2/3.

I was informed by the medical team that my skin would continue to "cook" for several weeks after my treatment had finished and that skin breakdown could still occur. I continued to use the cream and I could see the redness fading as my damaged skin was repairing. I credit the Neesa Dermal Repair cream for repairing the damaged skin cells and promoting the healing process.

The results are amazing. My skin is so soft and smooth. I also used the Dermal Repair cream on a skin graft on my right nostril where I had an SCC excised sev-eral weeks prior to my radium treatment. The cream also helped the skin integrity of the graft.

I visited the Radiation Oncology nursing staff 2 weeks after my treatment was finished and they were amazed at how well the skin on my face and neck had healed. My family and friends were also amazed at how quickly my face had healed just weeks from treatment.

I will continue to use this cream to promote healthy skin cells and I will also use it on any additional skin cancers that are removed.

Thank you so much Susan for recommending this amazing cream. I thoroughly recommend the Neesa Dermal Repair cream to anyone who is undergoing radiation treatment.

As well as looking after me on the outside, I also want to thank you for internal formulas i.e. B complex formula which you recommended I take to help with the healing process.

Thank you for helping me through this difficult journey.

Lyn 28/08/14 P.S. The white marks on my face are from previous skin cancer treatments.

I just want to write a testimony to Susan Samimi and her program, which has changed my life for the better.

After several years of feeling very unwell, gaining a large amount of weight, suffering degenerative joint pain in my knee from arthritis, struggling with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, psoriasis, poor complexion and severe depression and consuming multiple pain killers and diet products a friend recommended I see Susan for help.

Several months later I finally made my first appointment in August 2014. That was the changing moment in my life.

Susan advised me that my body was overloaded with inflammation and toxins. She created a personalized dietary program with supplements. Four months detox the gut, four months detox the liver, which we’re still working on and then we will look at a maintenance program.

However am thrilled to say that even now the pain has greatly reduced and I feel so much happier. My complexion has cleared up, the psoriasis has almost all gone, my body circumference has dropped 13 cm, and without even trying my weight is down 10kg and I’m also down two dress sizes.

More importantly, my blood tests are ALL now in the normal range.

Date Recorded: 17/04/14 26/08/14 02/12/14
Cholesterol 7.1 H 7.1H 5.5
Triglycerides 2.2 H 2.1 H 1.2
HDL 1.46 1.3 H 1.46
LDL 4.6 H 4.8 H 3.5
Ratio 4.9 H 5.3 H 3.8

Even my Thyroid Function Tests are now all in the normal range.

My whole outlook has changed for the better. I am no longer a 64 year old woman feeling like an eighty year old waiting to die, but now feel like a 40 year old woman with lots to live for.

Thank you Susan for showing me how to reclaim my life,

With much appreciation,