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In this video, Susan Samimi provides some great compounding solutions.
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Having trouble getting your child to take their medication?

If you are having trouble getting your child to take their medication or supplements, we can help. Our compounding pharmacist Susan can prepare different doses in a variety of forms that your child is more likely to take. We can prepare lozenges, suspensions or suppositories. These can be formulated free of preservatives, gluten, sugar and colour to suit your child's particular needs. Customised flavour also available.

Working since 2001 with paediatrician, Doctors, midwife & nurses, Susan has the expertise in overcoming the challenge of making medication be palatable & pleasant tasting for children of any age group.

When children dose of a medication has not been available, we have compounded medication for children into pleasant tasting suspension from adult dose & Mums & doctors have been very happy with our formulation

For example;

  • Melatonin, Omeprazole in a suspension any dosage (on prescription only)
  • Our special formula preservative free teething gel has been being very popular with mum, Midwifes & dentist have found it very effective, easy & pleasant to use
  • Nappy rash cream free from preservative & petroleum to help heel and prevent rash.
  • Antifungal /antibacterial/anti-inflammatory (triple treatment ) for nipples, (on prescription only) & pro-biotic and preservative free preparations can be done if required.

Needs of many children with special requirement such as ADHD & autism has been met through compounding formulations. We also do vitamin supplement in agreeable form for children.

Talk to our compounding pharmacist Susan Samimi about your child's special requirements