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Weight loss

Excess weight may increase the risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and strokes, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, fatty liver disease, kidney problems and more.

There are many diets that come and go, but it’s rare to find one solution that fits all. Our weight loss program is designed to get your hormones into a place here they drive your metabolic engine faster, burning off stubborn fat deposits at steady rate, that is easy to maintain.

HCG Diet program

HCG diet has become increasingly popular as a weight-loss supplement. Working with medical doctors, Susan has coached many clients with the HCG program. Clients have lost between 6 –10 kg in a three week period.

She can prepare pre/post HCG supplements to help achieve optimal weight-loss management. We recommend that you make an appointment for an assessment to ensure your suitability.

A successful plan must be safe, have measurable weight loss, helps to lose fat and not muscle. Depending on one's circumstances, we can design a program that is most suitable and effective.

For your consultation and customised solution call the pharmacy for an appointment